May 3, 2009


“What are you jammin* me for?” DA says to me.
My client had refused to waive time**.
“I’m not jammin you.” I tell him. “My client wants to have his trial already.” (I’d like to add but I don’t “he doesn’t know anything aobut your plans to go scuba diving off the reefs in Hawaii next week, asshole – he’s in jail – he’s not thinking about screwing your trip up but if he knew I’m sure he would love to do just that.”
What’s wrong with some DA’s thinking is they think we’re on the same team – when we’re only in the same league – on different teams. (unfortunately alot of my clients think the same way – “You’re in bed with the DA!”)

*jammin” the act of not agreeing to a continuance for your colleague’s convenience [colleague can be co-defense counsel or DA] “jamming” is considered very non collegial – very like “civil” lawyers)
**”waiving time” means the defendant says it’s okay with him to postpone the trial

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