May 20, 2009

Yeah Baby!

For some reason this Judge is giving it to this young cocky DA at a preliminary hearing.  I say, giving it to him because being stupid and cocky in a DA doesn’t usually get you in trouble with a Judge.  But there must have been some bad shit between these two.  Because she really got on his tail.  She interrupts him as he questions his witness – in a voice like she was talking to a 4th grader – “Mr. So & So – look at the jury instructions before you present your case so you’ll know the elements you have to prove.  I am tired of having to do your job for you.”  Man she was mad.  And my client’s boyfriend lets out a whoop from the audience.  One for the oppressed yeah!  He’s thrown out of court.  I have to say I enjoyed it too. As long as it wasn’t me.  And then, of course, the Judge held my client to “answer”* and put her in jail.

*answer enough evidence to hold defendant for trial.

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