October 29, 2008

Why isn’t the Phil Spector II trial a hit?

After I finish off my own case (that is, as a lawyer) I go down to dept 106, the courtroom where the trial’s taking place, to sit in on the opening arguments.  But they’re not letting anybody into the courtroom because its filled up.  I could wait outside for someone to come out, but what’s the point?  It’s not like it was when I was waiting outside the WGA on Doheny during Yom Kippur services where I was also forced to wait cause they were all filled up (of course the WGA holds about 1,000 seats compared to the courtroom’s 40) Free services on Yom Kippur – now that’s a deal!  But at a Yom Kippur service you know people aren’t staying for the whole show and they’ll be coming and going.  (a theological query – do you get credit for the time standing outside waiting for the doors to open? and if so – as much as being inside?)
But this Spector trial is a situation where nobody’s going to come out during the opening statements, I know that. 
A Superior Court worker who was also locked out told me that there’s no camera in the courtroom – not because of objections from the lawyers but because nobody – that is nobody in the media – gives a shit – nobody has even asked.  (and now I just learn that there is no longer Court TV? – what is going on with the world?)  I just don’t get it.  This trial’s got everything.  First the crime itself is fascinating.   Was it murder?  Was it an accident?  Was it suicide?  I know everybody thinks the guy did it but there’s evidence to suggest all of the above.  The victim, a beautiful, sexy woman; the defendant, a wealthy, eccentric, music business legend. Ok it’s not OJ the Original but what is?  Certainly not Greta’s and Nancy’s current crop.  Okay I’ll submit it on that.   

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