July 23, 2009


A criminal lawyer I know cited a case to persuade a judge to try his client separately from the other defendants – of course this is done all the time but the interesting thing about the case that he used was that it was a Federal case and it was the Timothy McVeigh case. Now that’s a tough row to hoe.

I’m presently reading the “Eichmann Interrogations” – his statements to the Israeli police. At first I’m thinking – wow – this guy’s a great witness – he’s actually got a defense – he didn’t know what was going on. According to him all he did was follow orders and arrange “transportation”. But then all that stuff about him visiting the death camps and even making recommendations on how to improve the killing process comes out and – well – it starts looking like not such a good case after all. Osama hasn’t come to trial yet (if he ever does) so you can’t know – but I know one thing – that’s going to be a tough case to try. That much I know.

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