October 7, 2009

she’s looking at him not me

sexyschoolteadher1That pretty school teacher juror won’t look at me while I make my closing argument. I keep on trying for some eye contact. Just a smidgen of eye contact that’s all I want. I’m standing less than 3 feet away from her – she’s in the front row of the jury box. I’m looking right at her. She’s looking down at her lap; she’s looking up like maybe it started to rain and there’s a hole in the roof; she’s looking at the other jurors; “could you look at me once just for form’s sake? I know you think my guy did it – there is a ton of evidence against him – but this is a trial – you’re not supposed to make up your mind until the fat lady sings. Can’t you pretend for a couple of seconds – make believe that you’re open to hearing what the defendant’s lawyer has to say? Who’s it going to hurt?” Kind of reminds of that time I had to dance with a girl and I turned my head away from her the entire dance because I was so embaressed to be seen dancing with a girl. 12 years old? 32? I’m making some good points for god’s sakes. But she won’t look at me. Then the DA gets up to rebut and she’s locking eyes with him the whole time. My guy’s in trouble. Maybe it’s a personal thing? I mean the DA is tall, young and handsome, is such a nice guy and speaks so well; and I’m …

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