November 14, 2008

Phil Spector II’s losing me

okay I admit it the Spector trial has even kind of lost me. I dragged myself downstairs to the 9th floor yesterday out of a sense of duty? and sat for a dull twenty minutes as the DA Jackson questioned one of his witnesses – (the photographer who later on had a car accident and had to have reconstructive surgery on her face) This is the woman who Phil pulled a gun on (allegedly) at the Carlyle Hotel in NYC after some big music biz function because she wanted to go to sleep and Phil wanted to play which pissed Phil off. Why should he pay for her room? (a few years ago my 85 year old father also got pissed off too when he paid for this lady’s trip up to the Catskills for a singles weekend and she wouldn’t play – he sued her for his expenses. The People’s Court wanted to do the case but Pop didn’t want to be on TV Now that would’ve been a helluva case on TV).

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