April 11, 2010

oy vey picking a jury

mobI CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! All the tzures, heartache and emotional turmoil because they’re being asked to serve on a jury to decide the guilty of my black client accused of receiving stolen property.

she’s in university for a psychology degree. wants to help drug addicts. her brother was mentally ill and treated with drugs by doctors and screwed up his life. that’s why she can’t serve on this jury. huh?

he says the cops are always harassing him because he’s Hispanic. busted for DUI in Inglewood because of that. can’t be on jury cause hates cops.

she, the math teacher says cops are always giving her speeding tickets because she’s Asian. can’t be on jury where cop testifies.

she’s the ex-wife of a judge –  can’t serve cause her niece was attacked by a bunch of “African American” girls in Vegas and she couldn’t be fair to the defendant, poor dear.

she had her house burglarized thirty years ago and never recovered from the trauma. couldn’t be fair to the defendant.

her son was arrested, convicted and sent to prison for armed robbery and can never believe a cop cause it was her son’s first time.

her husband’s a lawyer and she wouldn’t trust any witnesses called by the lawyers cause she knows they’re all paid to lie.

she’s a 4th stage lung cancer victim who also has a brain tumor. She actually would love to serve on the jury but wondered if her loss of short term memory (can’t remember anything after 2 hours) might be a problem.


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