May 1, 2009

i couldn’t do probation

What is probation? The dictionary says:
1. the act of testing.
2. the testing or trial of a person’s conduct, character, qualifications, or the like.
3. the state or period of such testing or trial.
4. Law.
a. a method of dealing with offenders, esp. young persons guilty of minor crimes or first offenses, by allowing them to go at large under supervision of a probation officer.
b. the state of having been conditionally released.
5. Education. a trial period or condition of students in certain educational institutions who are being permitted to redeem failures, misconduct, etc.
6. the testing or trial of a candidate for membership in a religious body or order, for holy orders, etc.
7. Archaic. proof.

That’s heavy shit. But the people who get probation don’t have any idea of any of this. It’s mainly – “oh I’m getting out of jail” or “oh I’m not going to jail”. They give you probation and you figure it’s done. But it’s a trap. Cause to the judge it’s a big favor he and the system are doing you. And most people are gonna fuck up for sure. You gotta report to the probation department which can be a trial in itself. You think you know what BUREAUCRACY is – try the County Probation Department. They actually charge you a monthly fee – money – for being on probation and then when you don’t pay it – which happens an awful lot – cause – “what? They actually expect me to pay for this?” And missing an appointment with your probation officer? “What’s the big fucking deal?”
The big deal is the judges take it personally when you fuck up under probation. “It’s as if you slapped me right in the face. Do you know that, sir?” The big deal is you end up in state prison.
I couldn’t do it.

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