March 12, 2009

elevators at the ccb

i’m on the elevator today in the ccb (folz justice center) and there’s this young man wearing a suit and an enormous badge announcing he’s with the DA’s office who gets on and he’s whistling. Not absent-mindedly – like people do but he’s whistling like he’s performing a symphony. We’re not alone on the elevator. There’s a couple of jurors and a couple of “clients” (could be anybody but they’re not lawyers I can tell you that). I’m uncomfortable. People just don’t whistle once they get on the elevator. His badge says he’s with the DA’s office. On the fifth floor a public defender gets on. The whistler continues. The PD shakes his head. the young DA stops whistling and as I get off the elevator says “whistling not allowed on the elevators?” This is a real question I’m sure. I turn and say “no, no whistling on the elevator.”

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