April 16, 2009


California prisons are filled to the brim (no pun intended). Why? Because no politician, no judge has ever gotten into trouble for sending “criminals” away for the maximum time possible. BASIC LAW OF BEING A JUDGE OR POLITITICAN. THE TOUGHER YOU SAY YOU ARE ON CRIME THE BETTER YOU WILL DO IN THE POLLS.
1. prostitution (we arrest them but then let them go unless we can get them on drugs or identity theft et al.)
2. stripping (we don’t even arrest them just for that anymore do we?)
3. Bestiality I actually looked it up. It used to be a MAJOR crime Death & worse – just like we treat child molesters today. (check out the Bible) But guess what? Beastialitists must have had friends in high places because the “crime” has turned into a measly misdemeanor – and then only as part of cruelty to animals statutes.
4. marijuans is another, because the children of politicians and their friends use it as do the politicians.
My wife says I don’t have a point of view: no I don’t think we should put people in prison for prostitution, stripping, bestiality, marijuana either but we shouldn’t put people in prison for as long as we do for many, many, crimes. That’s my pov.

Anyways I needed an excuse to put another photo of a stripper/mug shot up because – for some reason it attracts advertisers. Who would have thought sex sells.

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