April 14, 2009


I get cred from courtroom staff depending on the bizzareness of my clients cases.
Whenever I see the Kathie the clerk – in whatever court she is in – her face lights up and we reminisce about a trial over 15 years ago where my client’s wife – County Probation Officer – testified that my client – also a County Probation Officer – wasn’t at that seedy motel on Washington Bl to smoke crack cocaine with a hooker (and later beat her up over a disagreement in their contractual arrangements). The wife knew her husband wasn’t at this motel with the hooker because in truth she was the one at that motel with her husband that night. She explained how they liked to go to a seedy motel on Washington Bl on special occasions. On these occasions, she, the wife, would get up on a table and dance and strip, to spice up the relationship. She stepped down from the witness stand and demonstrated the dance. Unfortunately the jury came back guilty. Which doesn’t matter much now – it’s all about the dance.

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