February 26, 2009


“Imelda took the stand. She was spectacular. I believed every word she said. Joker, her husband, mistreated her; Joker was a miserable human being; she hoped she’d never have to see him again; she hoped her daughter would never have to see him either. In fact, Imelda prayed every day that her husband never would be released from jail. And, then I asked her about Joker’s whereabouts on Christmas Day. She reluctantly produced the baptismal certificate with the date of the murder and the baptism – Christmas Day. She said her husband indeed had been with her at the Church on at exactly the same time as the killing took place. This is what I refer to, boychik, as an excellent alibi witness. Joker kept on making comments to me during her entire testimony – ‘why’d you put her up there? she’s a whore. she doing favors for you old man?’ I tried to explain to him that she was probably saving him from spending the rest of his life in prison but somehow he didn’t seem to appreciate this.
Imelda survived cross admirably. She more than survived, she was triumphant. How can you effectively cross examine the truth? That’s what I say. We argued to the jury and the jury went out to deliberate.”

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