February 17, 2009


The Judge banged his gavel and simultaneously jumped off the bench. Court’s done, finally. But Arthur is still going on. I’m trying to be polite, I love Arthur, but I want to get outta there. “Arthur…” I try to make him aware that we’re the only ones left in the entire courtroom. Arthur doesn’t get it. He keeps on telling me the story. “And then the civilian – Hector Gutierrez – I must say I made mince meat of him. He actually got huffy with me when I put it to him that that the view from his window was obstructed behind bars and trees.” “Arthur I gotta go.” I blurted this out. He looked at me like I had stabbed him in the abdomen. “I thought you wanted to hear the story?” “I do Arthur but they’re closing the courtroom.” He looked around and seemed to recognize the truth of what I had just said. He frowned with disapproval. He got up out of his chair with a major league grunt. Then his face brightened like he had come up with a solution to a major dilemma. “Okay boychick I’ll finish the story on the way out.” And he continued talking as I gathered up my stuff and we left the courtroom and went towards the elevators. It was a good strategy on Arthur’s part because those CCB elevators can take a very long time to arrive.

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