June 11, 2009


748px-band_of_brothers_101st_in_iraqOh we brave few – that’s the feeling I get trudging up to the attorney lounge at noon after the morning session in trial which is usually a losing one and seeing all the other lawyers sitting around – or even lying around; most just waiting – waiting for a witness – waiting for a judge to decide – waiting for a court to call their case – just waiting. Sometimes there’s someone in the midst of some great victory – a lesser charge allowed in – a concession by the DA – a dismissal of one of ten counts – or even a hung jury – or on the rare occasion, a “NG”* (WE WON THE WAR) of all unlikely things. Most of them, however, are in my boat having had their heads handed to them in the morning – but keeping hope up for the afternoon when who knows there might be some small victory lying in wait; a good ruling from the judge, a cop being honest about how it actually looked, something that comes in that you can argue about in final argument. Either way the battle goes on at 1:30. Bring it on. *Not Guilty if you have to ask

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